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We would like to give you a brief insight into how we would like to support you in the further development of your company at all levels.

For example, what does it mean to manage a company today? How do you succeed in a constantly changing world? What strategic considerations are important to enable further development? What requirements does this place on management,
employees, the product, production, sales and so on?

LPA is more than Llewelyn P. Antonio. As a corporate developer, I work on an
interdisciplinary basis with the necessary skills and experts in the specific topics.

My core competence lies in the clarification and design of the preliminary phase, implementation, support and ensuring transfer into everyday life with the involvement
of all those involved. Processes are designed in such a way that all interacting people experience themselves as an important part of the big picture and can contribute at the crucial point. I am very happy to support people in their further

We bring experience from roles as managing directors, marketing,
sales and from different specialised disciplines. These skills are continuously supplemented and kept up to date through further training.
Kurzinfo L. P. Antonio

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