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Life has been good to me.
It gave me challenges. It was my decision to accept them. In the process, I learned a lot about myself through concrete action. Accompanying people and companies is a gift of trust in me as a person and in my "technical" experience and expertise. This
experience is based on very different roles in my professional career. From sales to management to a business developer for over 30 years.

But all this experience is only as good as my willingness to keep on learning.

My partners are connected to me in a network. This is intentional in our offer, as we believe it allows us to reflect professional diversity in our approach. In addition, we also gain inspiring perspectives through different specialist skills, which we can contribute if necessary.

We want to be tangible for our customers.

Before you decide to talk to me, here are a few positions we have practiced:
Act independently - take responsibility
Stay creative - allow uncertainty
Treat everyone with respect, but stand up for a clear point of view
Admit incompetence and remedy it through learning.

Feel your inner compass and your own vitality

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