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Moments of humanity

We experience moments of humanity at the birth of a child and at a person's last breath. In our everyday lives, these feelings usually remain hidden. We want or have to perform, we get stuck in our heads and are no longer open to our emotional world.

How can we allow ourselves to experience this human quality from time to time in our

everyday lives? We should allow ourselves small windows of time just for ourselves. We can

do this in a very practical way and with a certain structure, it will work. One way to start

would be to stop scrolling through so-called "social" media at the weekend, for example, and give yourself 15 minutes instead. "Small gifts preserve friendship" is a German proverb. We should preserve friendship with our deep human feelings. The benefits for us are priceless - an incredible wealth of deep connection with ourselves that allows us to experience more diversity in all interpersonal encounters.

If we are able to really encounter another person with all of our senses, we are no longer

able to look at our counterpart superficially by only seeing their external appearance, or just

an unconscious image that we conjure up of this person from our memory. Instead, we will

really encounter this person in this moment with all our senses. We will not weigh every

word on the gold scale. Wanting to understand starts with putting ourselves in the mind of

the other person. In my experience, couples in a jaded relationship have re-established a

loving basis in their relationship through real encounters in the here and now and through

the feelings that become conscious as a result.

Really looking and listening without immediately developing a point of view is a special skill

that we call mindfulness. It is a joy for me to see people practicing this exercise in order to

experience deep human moments. These people deal differently with themselves and

everything that happens on this earth. They are not so quick to pass judgment. And when

they get there, their judgment is more nuanced and based on finding the facts in the now,

but also historically, whether they do this in an individual life, in a family, a group, in a

company, an organization or in the global political environment. And they strive to bring

their strength to bear for each other in practical ways as often as possible.

Deep human moments and the ability to live this every day in our lives will bring about

change. In ourselves and in others by reaching out to someone around us. It might take a

little more effort. We need to consciously use all our senses in the moment, possibly for

several hours a day. Being righteously tired comes not only from work done, but also and

above all from the ability to act humanly. Take this path if you want to. You do not take this

path to gain recognition. This path is a way to develop our potential and to realize our

unique competence as an individual in the sense of responsibility for the whole. This path is

the path to yourself.

Live and become deeply happy in these moments of humanity!

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