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Queen and King Discipline - Unfolding the Potential

The twists and turns of life, the first imprints on our being through impressions, parental care and their actions from their own conditioning, with their own view of what should be good for their children and give them security. The next stage of socialisation through our environment such as kindergarten, school, training or studies. Growing up and out of childhood into puberty. The recognition and feeling of new needs, the first conscious love relationship. All these events and much more leave impressions and imprints on the page of our lives.

As many would say, this is what makes us the personality we are. There is nothing wrong with this statement. But through working with myself, and especially through working with people, I ask myself, " What would this person" unfolding look like if they had allowed other impressions and imprints to be made in the course of their life?

Through the work with people, whom I was allowed to accompany in a professional context like a good friend, an essential realisation has matured in me: The supreme discipline is to look at our conditioning. I would like to emphasise that there is absolutely nothing right or wrong with conditioning. But without looking at our conditioning (imprints through impressions and imprints), we are only living the life of our conditioning.

One suggestion for how we might approach this work with ourselves is:

Please write down everything you believe in. I don'tt mean some institution by that. I mean what you say to yourself in your mind. It can be very simple.

Some examples would be, "Good manners distinguish educated people." "Achievement always pays."My view of this world is realistic."I will definitely fail again. I know what I am talking about. Those who get up early get more out of life. If I speak my mind, I will make myself unpopular. Write down all your beliefs. My experience is that over time we develop a better and better feeling and skill at tracking down our beliefs.

You will see that your list will get longer and longer. (So under 222 beliefs is "cheating"....)

So what do we do with our beliefs?

From my point of view, this is where a very good exercise starts: Be mindful of yourself. Feel

whether a belief system feels good or rather inhibiting, and above all, don't judge too quickly. It is important to be honest with yourself.

Anything that inhibits you should be questioned and gently approached to find out what aspects this belief has in your overall personality. Sometimes we also tend to hide behind beliefs. "If I had had a different .... I would have become ... whatever I would be different if .... This type of belief shows us that we are trying to reject the responsibility for our development.

Letting go of a belief system in peace is a prerequisite for the emergence of a new belief system that fulfils us and allows our personality to develop.

Working with beliefs is a lifelong process. Without beliefs we cannot shape our lives. Therefore, they are necessary, but we should always question them.

Our reward is to be able to live an open and affirming life, and what is even more important - we learn to accept ourselves and to take responsibility for our being.

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